Do you Like Minecraft? You’ll Love Minicraft!

If you enjoy collecting, mining and building with natural resources in the exciting game of Minecraft, then it’s time for you to meet Minecraft’s 2D younger brother: Minicraft. The games simple yet addictive approach to gathering  and using resources is combined with fighting zombies, slimes and other enemies in order to reach the end goal: to kill the only other sentient being in the world (the evil air wizard) to ensure that you are forever alone. All existing creepers must be killed by firing arrows, or by using various weapons which can be built, to prevent them from vandalizing the player’s work. The player must mine blocks to create buildings in order to design their own land. Minicraft has often been compared to The Legend of Zelda for its top down perspective and series of islands to explore in order to uncover supplies.

Minicraft was created by Mark Persson, developer of Minecraft on December 19th, 2011 as part of the 22nd Ludum Dare Indie Game competition. The contest invites game developers to create and submit a game within a 48 hour time frame based on a certain theme. In this particular competition the theme was ‘alone’.

Whilst Minicraft is in many ways similar to Minecraft, it also has many exclusive features which set it apart. For example in Minicraft, when a player spawns they are able to walk around and break blocks. The character looks more human compared to that in Minecraft, and there are special dungeons which can be accessed by finding a staircase in the ground. Building a house is also different in Minicraft as players must first dig a foundation and place flooring down before building walls.

Minicraft game received mostly positive reviews from critics, with most acknowledging that despite some downfalls it is a tremendous achievement for 48 hours of work. Rock, Paper, Shotgun writer, Alec Meer stated: “It is a good (and compulsive) time, and impressively complete for a mere 48 hours of crunch”. Boing Boing reviewer Rob Beschizza described the game as: “A spectacular achievement in just a few hours of coding, Minicraft casts the same spell as the real thing. It does, however, suffer from shallowness and grind. There’s not much to do except plow through the process of emptying each level in search of better ores”. VentureBeat writer Dan Crawley commented on the gathering system, saying, “A simple but addictive approach to resource gathering helps give the game a whimsical charm not a million miles from that of its big brother”.  Matt Bradford of GamesRadar commented that, “The project is about as basic as one can expect from a marathon coding competition, but the mere fact it’s actually a solid, playable game is a testament to Persson’s skill”

Two modified versions of Minicraft now exist: Minicraft Delux and Minicraft Plus. Minicraft Delux was developed and released in 2012, adding more features to the game including new weapons and clothing. Minicraft Plus was developed and released in 2013. It added new food, items and mobs such as Cow, Pig, Sheep and Knight amongst others. Many of the new features in this version are based on the features of Minecraft.

If you enjoy Minecraft then Minicraft is definitely worth playing. Play online at unofficial website, plus several other sites. Happy Gaming!